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Our additive manufacturing expertises

Addimadour is a platform dedicated to large-scale metal additive manufacturing, equipped with the main technologies

  • Wire technologies: wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM), wire laser additive manufacturing (WLAM),
  • Powder technologies: laser cladding (BeAM), coldspray, selective laser melting (SLM).

Our research topics

Improvement of the characteristics 

Development of optimal process parameters to ensure good material health

Development of real time instrumentation for monitoring and feedback

Development of new processes

Co-design and CAD/CAM adapted to robotic additive manufacturing

Application of design and manufacturing rules adapted to the chosen process

Assistance in the choice of technologies adapted to the targeted application

Generation of trajectories adapted to the manufacturing process

Digital modeling 

Thermal and thermomechanical simulation to predict the behavior during manufacturing

Topological optimization

Technology transfer and industrialization