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Turbolab - Innovative aircraft propulsion

TURBOLAB is a shared Industry/Research/Education test platform dedicated to "Innovative Aircraft Propulsion", whether hybrid, electric or using alternative fuels.

This platform is the result of collaboration between Akira Technologies, the Pays Basque Agglomeration Community and ESTIA.

  • Akira is responsible for the technical facilities (bench, console, acquisition, utilities, etc.) and is providing three test vehicles: DGEN. TP Hybrid CORAC. 180 kW EMRAX electric motor.
  • La Communauté d'Agglomérations Pays Basque is in charge of the land and the construction of the building.
  • ESTIA is responsible for the educational facilities and is providing a WESTT CS BV virtual test bench.


The TURBOLAB space is open to all university or industrial structures for their research and development activities.


A laboratory at the service of industry

TURBOLAB is positioned as a laboratory at the service of aerospace manufacturers for the testing and characterisation of all air propulsion systems.Our efficiency is based on our agility and proximity to centres of technical excellence, enabling us to meet your needs within the deadlines and budgets set by your programmes.

  • Load test
  • Performance points
  • Systems testing
  • Design and development of specific components
  • Vibration characterisation
  • Propeller characterisation


For all information requests, please fill in the contact form below.



TMACH is accredited as a joint laboratory by the ANR.The platform offers theses and post-docs in partnership with industry.

  • Thesis 1: Design method for turbomachinery shafts with controlled dynamics and damping
  • Thesis 2: Optimisation of manufacturing processes for the manufacture of turbomachinery shafts
  • Thesis 3: Behaviour under complex stresses of metal-architected materials obtained by additive manufacturing processes
  • Post-doc: Development of an experimental validation process

Training courses

Initial training

  • For ESTIA engineering students, by combining existing training modules with the possibility of carrying out practical work on a real test bench.
  • For students of the DUT GIM in Bayonne

Continuing education

  • For company employees, from awareness of how turbomachinery works, through to expertise in the field.

In partnership with vocational training organisations (NOVAE, Pole formation UIMM, etc.).

Training topics: Thermodynamics and energy - Thermodynamics and energy - Turbomachinery operation - Turbomachinery maintenance - Test bench maintenance - Test bench piloting

Partner of the platform Turbolab