Our robotic expertises

Our research topics :

The main research areas of the robotics division are robot control and instrumentation.

  • The robot can move via three possible modes:

Off-line programming: study of the tool path specific to the process.
On-line correction: the robot trajectory is corrected according to the sensor data (position, force).
On-line control: no off-line programming is carried out, the robot is controlled remotely by sending it the movement instructions directly.

The manipulators used can be robots or cobots of different brands with additional axes depending on the process, its needs and constraints. Several robots may also need to be synchronised along their trajectory.

  • Instrumentation can be located at several levels:

The manipulator: giving feedback on the process, on the position of the end effector.
The part: allowing CAD reconstruction or non-contact probing.
The operator: to interact with the robotic operation.