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CQPM - High-performance composite materials operator

Training led by UIMM, Pôle Formation Adour and hosted on our premises.

The High-Performance Composite Materials Operator works in industrial companies manufacturing or repairing parts made of composite materials, acting within the framework of the regulations and standards relating to the sectors concerned (aeronautics, boating, wind energy, etc.), while strictly complying with the rules relating to the environment, safety and health in the workplace.

Main tasks include:

  • Manufacturing composite parts: Using molds or tooling, the operator creates simple or complex parts (monolithic or sandwich) by lamination, draping, injection, infusion or bonding.
  • Part repair: The operator repairs composite parts or assemblies using specific tooling and polymerization techniques.
  • Traceability: Ensure traceability at all stages of manufacturing to guarantee product quality and conformity.
  • Protection of parts: Guarantee the protection of produced parts for storage and/or transport.
  • Waste management: Participate in waste sorting and evacuation, as well as energy management with respect for the environment.
  • Machine maintenance: Carry out first-level preventive maintenance operations in accordance with company procedures.

Registration : 

The registration process for this training course is handled entirely by the UIMM structure.

Contact :


Gilles Baudet , High Performance Composite Materials Operator Training Coordinator, Compositadour-UIMM :


Claudia VIEIRA , Back-Office Assistant

Phone number : 05 59 00 02 03

Download the Presentation - CQPM High-Performance Composite Materials Operator (FR)